American Trauma Event Management

Stop the Bleed is a national white house initiated awareness campaign and call-to-action. Due to an uptick in mass shootings, terror attacks and national disasters, the Government is calling on civilians to learn how to treat severe bleeding.


Course Topics include:

  • Stop The Bleed Campaign                                               
  • ABCs of Bleeding
  • Identifying Severe Wounds
  • Direct Pressure
  • Commercial Pressure Bandages
  • Wound Packing
  • Hemostatic Agents
  • Tourniquets
  • Gun Shots


The program can be taught as an add-on or stand-alone class.  If taught as a stand-alone program the class length is 2 hours.  If taught in conjunction with CPR or First Aid the class will run 45 minutes to an hour.


Certification is valid for up to 2 years.    Maximum student ratio is a maximum 1 – 12.  Equipment ratio is a maximum of 1 – 4.


The instructor Packet is $60.00 included:

(must be a current ATEM  instructor)

  • Instructor Guide
  • Student Guide
  • DVD or Jump Drive (or you can download the video for a $10 discount) Training centers are allowed to copy the Video Program for their staff only. Violation of the policy will jeopardize the partnership
  • Evaluation, Skill sheets, Rosters
  • Instructor Card




The Student Materials:

  • Severe Bleed Care certification cards $1.25
  • Manual $1.50 ~ If you are teaching the class in conjunction with a CPR or First Aid Class you may print out the student bleed sheets and insert them into the book.
  • The student manual will include the Severe Bleed Care in approx. 7 months.


Supplies Required:

  • Tourniquet
  • Commercial Compression Bandage (similar to an H or Israeli)
  • A device to practice wound packing (The cheapest version is a pool noodle – see other ideas below)
  • A device to practice tourniquets
  • Samples of Hemostatic Agents
  • Student Manual with Severe Bleed Care Sheets
  • Media Player
  • Skills Sheet \Test Answers \Evaluation Forms
  • Certification Cards

The ATEM Severe Bleed Kit contains many of the required items

 and is available at 50% off to instructors for $33.00.

                       Bleed Kit

Red Bag Marked for Bleed Care


Stop the bleed Instruction Card

Celox quik clot

 Four 4 x 4 gauze

Blood Blocker Trauma Dressing

Windlass Tourniquet

Trauma Shears

Rolled Gauze

Permanent marker  – mini if cheaper

Bio-hazard waste bag

Commercial compression bandage

Absorbent towel




  • Wrap Tourniquet
  • Simulated Artery Bleeding Arm or Leg
  • Stop the Bleed Kit


Ideas for creating Bleed Simulations


The tourniquet project has a lot of videos and information to enhance your teaching skills:

  • How to make a tourniquet trainer with a pool noodle



  • Homemade trainer materials

Tips for making the low budget tourniquet/packing trainer. 
$5.00 Foam roller from 5 and below. 
$5.00 Rubber tubing from Lowe’s. 
$11.50 femur from
(PVC pipe would work just fine.)


Commercial tourniquet training props:

  • Simulaids Amputated Bleeding Arm for SMART STAT Patient Simulator Part Number: 468
  • Your Price: $159.30
  • Available at AED superstore
  • Hemorrhage Control Training Kit w/Combat Gauze® LE by Z-Medical
  • $400 available at AED superstore
  • Simulaids Moulage Pump Assembly – This pump, for bleeding source, could be used with simulaids manikin or pool noodle. $22.00 Available at the fire store