American Trauma Event Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ATEM training program adhere to the most recent ECC and AHA guidelines?
Yes. Both the CPR and First Aid training programs adhere to and conform to national standards that are based on the most recent 2020 scientific guidelines and treatment recommendations used by the American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines, (ILCOR) International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation Guidelines and (ECC) Emergency Cardiac Care scientific guidelines.
Has Basic Life Support been updated for the 2020 guidelines?
No, we opted to no longer carry a program for BLS within the ATEM curriculum.
Do you offer the course in Spanish?
Can I purchase only the video?
No, initial set-up requires an instructor packet, which includes the required instructor manual. In addition, proof of current certification of instructor status must be submitted; if your instructor status is not updated with the most recent guidelines, you are required to take an on-line written test and successfully complete the exam, which covers the most recent changes used by AHA & ILCOR.
What does the instructor package include?
Instructor Package – Includes:
  • DVD (English only)
  • CPR, First Aid, AED, BBP and Emergency Oxygen
  • Instructor Manual
  • Instructor Certification
  • 10 Student Books
  • 20 Adult/Child/Infant CPR, AED, First Aid Certification Cards (BBP not included)
  • Quizzes, Evaluation, Roster, Skill Sheets (one copy each)
Also available: Bloodborne Pathogen Certification Cards may be purchased for $20.00 for sheet of 10 cards when purchased with Instructor Package.
Can the First Aid portion be tailored to accommodate different industries?
OSHA does not approve first aid classes or trainers. The training must be comprehensive enough to cover the needs of the facility until EMS arrives. Even the safest work environment with EMS extremely close should be trained in immediate life-threatening injuries. At a minimum all facilities should be trained in artery wounds and treatment for shock in addition to CPR.
What is the difference between Essential First Aid and Standard First Aid?
Essential First Aid is geared for urban areas where EMS will arrive within 7 minutes, and covers only immediate life-threatening situations. Standard First Aid is more thorough, covers most major illnesses and injuries.
Can the CPR portion be tailored to accommodate different industries?
CPR training must contain Assessment of the Scene, Accessing 911, Legal Concerns, the Chain of Survival, Heart Education, CPR, Choking and Hands on Practice, and all guidelines as set forth in the the most recent AHA / ECC guidelines. The instructor manual contains all the specifics.
Can I show the entire video without pausing between the segments?
No, studies show that the average attention span is less than 10 minutes. Showing the entire video at one time will reduce student comprehension.
What if the training site does not have a media device to show the video?
Studies concur that a multi-media approach to learning is the most effective for student retention. When possible the video / lecture / skills practice / question and answers platform should be utilize. If that is not possible, follow the outline in the instructor’s manual and verbally present the program.
Can I make copies of the DVD?
Yes, but only for your training center. Note that you may lose film quality. After the initial purchase of the instructor package, each additional DVD is $15.00. We also offer a jump drive which does not lose quality when copying onto another jump drive.
Does ATEM have a blended training option?
Yes, blended training (a combination of online cognitive learning and instructor lead skill exams) is available. If you want the blended training link to contain your name and logo, there is a one-time $55 set up fee for each entity. Bloodborne Pathogen is the only program that can be 100% online. The rest require skill testing by an instructor.


NOTE: if you opt to use the ATEM blended training link, your students must bring a copy of their test results to your class.