american trauma event management

American Trauma Event Management (ATEM) is a national provider of health and safety training videos, certification cards and manuals for CPR and First Aid instructors, with a focus on workplace emergencies.

Fulfilling your Health and Safety Requirements

ATEM provides training, on-line programs and certification for CPR and First Aid instructors.  By utilizing dynamic multimedia teaching format, students retain more information in an informative teaching process. The integrated teaching includes DVD, Power Points, lecture, hands-on practice and quizzes. All students may also review what they learned utilizing their manual or online refresher programs at no cost.

All of our programs meet the new 2010 American Heart Association (AHA) and Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) scientific guidelines and treatment protocol. The guidelines of the International Trauma Life Support and Prehospital Trauma Life Support education programs guidelines are utilized for the class contents.

ATEM follows the regulation guidelines of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Dept. of Transportation, Oxygen Therapy Institute and the Food and Drug Administration. On a regular basis state mandates are reviewed relating to safety and health concerns.

American Trauma Event Management

Are you Prepared for an Emergency?

ATEM helps your students retain the information taught in class so they feel comfortable and confident in their skills. This is accomplished with two different processes. First, learning is enhanced by following the educational guidelines that enforce learning retention techniques. Secondly, by allowing the students to refresh the cognitive portions of the training class during their 2-year certification with our on-line quizzes and manuals.

ATEM courses teach you skills that can save a life! ATEM is an organization dedicated to creating exciting high quality safety training programs that help students retain the life saving skills they learned, and feel comfortable with the knowledge acquired through the classes. ATEM programs provide instructors the tools they need to assure the students learn the skills needed to know how to respond in an emergency. Our standards ensure nationwide conformity for training in CPR, First Aid, Bloodborne pathogens, AED and Emergency Oxygen administration.



ATEM programs offer:
Instructor Advantages:
  • Grandfathering Options from authenticated safety-training organizations.
  • Dynamic Video
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Instructor Syllabus
  • Low Cost
  • Application and Approval have no fees.
  • Blending training options available for your students.
  • On-line access to course rosters, manual, syllabus, and evaluation forms.
  • Training center support.

Online first aid training

Student Advantages:

  • Dynamic video vignettes.
  • Compressive student manual.
  • 2-year free access for on-line refresher training.
  • Book downloadable to a smart phone.
  • Blended Training options (on-line and hands-on.)

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